Fairytale project and day

How are you getting on with your fairytale project? Don’t forget you can do anything you like to help you learn something about fairy tales. You might choose to make a book about your favourite character, or make your own fairytale land. You might take photos of yourself dressed as a fairytale character or make a poster about evil characters. It’s totally up to you! We will judge them on our fairytale day (Tuesday 29th) and pick a winner from Class 1 and Class 2. Don’t forget to come to fairytale day dressed as your favourite character.

Star readers!

We’ll done to Tom and Jacob who both got 5/5 in their words today and became our STAR READERS!!!
I wonder who else will be a star reader this week? How did you do it Tom and Jacob?


Pupil voice – what do you want?

Today we have had a good look around our outdoor learning space. We have used the mud kitchen, quiet spot, tree house, barn and stable over the last term and have really enjoyed it. We are now thinking of ways … Continue reading

Reading activities





In reading activities we have been doing lots of sounding out. We are getting really good at reading and writing independently.

Easter story mapping

Today we have learned about the Easter story. We used real objects to create a physical story maps.
First Jesus arrived on a donkey and the people waved palm branches.

Next he had the last supper.

After that he got arrested.

Then he was put on the cross.

Finally his body was gone from the tomb.


Turning the ground over

We have been busy turning. The ground over and making it ready for Class 1 to plant the rest of the seeds. What will you need, Class 1?

Big Ben


Harrison loved learning about London from his big brother who went on a trip there at the beginning of the week. Harrison told me that Big Ben is actually the name of the bell.He made his own Big Ben and Dylan helped him make a clock face saying 10 o’clock. We have learned about ‘o’clock’ in our maths this week too.
What else do you know about London?