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Letter formation

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This week we have continued to practise our letter formation, making our writing muscles stronger along the way. We used gloop, play dough, sand and water, a large alien floor and pencil and paper to make our marks.


Challenge time

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Challenge time is when we get to decide our own learning. We use all the skills our teachers have helped us to learn to solve challenges and become independent learners.


Music and dancing

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Today Mr Bones set us a musical challenge. He wanted some music to dance to but he couldn’t’t find any that suited his style of dancing. We had a go at dancing like a skeleton then tried out the different … Continue reading


Our art gallery is open!

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After learning all about the artist Mondrian, we decided we wanted to be artists ourselves. We made an art gallery and now we can be creative every day! We are enjoying using no the skills we have learned and learning … Continue reading


Mondrian art

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We have been looking at the work of Piet Mondrian. We learned that in some of his paintings he used straight lines and block colours to create colourful pictures. We learned how to colour block and how to use our … Continue reading


Alien text

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Today we found out that a alien had been to school to visit. They were confused about some squiggles they’d seen around Oakengates. We discovered they were talking about text! The aliens left us some slime so we could have … Continue reading

What shape? Thinking skills

As part of our thinking skills day we all take part in a problem solving maths challenge.
This week The Gruffalo sent us an email to say he’d put a shape for us in his tin but he couldn’t remember what the shape was.

The only thing The Gruffalo could remember was that it had straight sides. We got to work straight away to find out what shape we thought it could be. Most children went off independently to investigate the shapes, some children had support from an adult.

20130921-162657.jpg We worked out that it could not be a circle as a circle has a curved side. Then we got another email from The Gruffalo. He remembered that his shape had 4 sides. Once again the children investigated the shapes to see what shape it could be in the tin.


20130921-163118.jpg We discovered that it could not be a triangle as a triangle has 3 sides, not 4. We wrote and drew on a post-it what we thought the shape could be. Just then we got our final email. The Gruffalo had remembered that his shape had 4 straight sides which were all the same size. Have you guessed it?

20130921-163430.jpg it was a square!!
We learned that when you are problem solving you need to remember and use all of the important information.


Staying safe and happy in the forest.

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Today we went up to the forest for the first time. We will be going every week as part of our weekly thinking skills day. We learned how to stay safe and happy in the forest and collected natural materials … Continue reading

At the car wash

Over the last two weeks the bikes have had a lot of use. Today we got to school and found a big tray of soapy water, some big brushes, a till and some paper on the clipboards. The boys quickly started cleaning the bikes whilst others set up the office. Bikes were coming in to be fixed and the mechanics got to work, fixing and writing bills for their customers.




It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Today it rained, all day! Here at Wombridge Reception we don’t let a little thing like rain stop us, we get out there and use it to help us learn!

The boys thought of different ways they could stop the rain from ‘getting’ them (without the help of a hood or umbrella, of course!) they also collected rain so they could make their own puddles.

20130921-155454.jpg If you look at the floor carefully you might be able to see a rainbow puddle. Do you know how to make a rainbow puddle?

20130921-155732.jpg we also watched the rain go through the drain pipe and onto the floor. I wonder what would happen if we tilted the drain pipe a little?