Tree House Homework




This is our tree house. We found a giant birds nest with some seeds in. We are going to find out how we can feed the birds using these seeds.
Can you think of how we can do this? We will need instructions.

3 responses to “Tree House Homework

  1. Jacob Williams

    We could make a bird feeder using an empty toilet roll and some peanut butter to feed the birds the seeds. We would need to cover the toilet roll in the peanut butter using a spoon and then roll it in the seeds. We could then hang it onto a branch for the birds to eat the seeds off it.

  2. wombridgeprimaryclass2

    What a great idea, Jacob. If all the boys and girls can bring in a toilet roll tube, we can make these bird feeders this week! Well done Jacob!

  3. To feed the birds, we need to put butter on a plastic bottle. Roll the bottle in the seed and then hang it up on the tree.

    Jack E