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We have been working on our targets today. Danielle’s target is to write a number sentence. She used the spots on the dominos to add and then wrote her number sentences independently. TOT (target on track)
Do you know your target? How close are you to getting it?



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We have been learning how to estimate. We now know that an estimate is a sensible guess. Can you estimate how many pieces of treasure there are here?


Natural Treasure

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Today we found this bag of natural treasure. We researched what to do with seeds and bulbs and set about turning over the ground. We sorted the treasure into edible and not edible, planting all the edible treasure. What do … Continue reading


Snail shell

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Today we found a map. We followed the map and it took us to the forest. We found an X on the floor and started digging. We didn’t find any treasure but we did find a snail shell. We learned … Continue reading


What can you see?

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We had a good look through the telescope. What do you think we saw?


A windy day

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Today it was really windy. Miss Lomas read us ‘The windy day’ and then we had a go at making our own kites in child initiated learning. We had to run fast to make our kites fly.


Sport Relief

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We have had lots of fun raising money for Sport Relief today. We have had penalty shoot outs in football and basket ball. We achieved 31 shots between us in Class 2.