Fairytale project and day

How are you getting on with your fairytale project? Don’t forget you can do anything you like to help you learn something about fairy tales. You might choose to make a book about your favourite character, or make your own fairytale land. You might take photos of yourself dressed as a fairytale character or make a poster about evil characters. It’s totally up to you! We will judge them on our fairytale day (Tuesday 29th) and pick a winner from Class 1 and Class 2. Don’t forget to come to fairytale day dressed as your favourite character.

2 responses to “Fairytale project and day

  1. I have been busy making my project with my mom. We used lots of colours, cardboard, glue and cotton wool. I hope you like it.
    Jack E

    • wombridgeprimaryclass2

      We’ll done Jack! I can’t wait to see everyone’s projects and costumes on Tuesday!