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We are story tellers.





20140624-095823.jpg We made story maps using pictures from You Choose. We love this book as it helps us to use our imagination to make up our own stories.
Can you use one of these story maps to make up your own story? You can either be an author and write your own story or you can be a story teller and tell someone else your story using different voices for different characters. I would love to see and hear some of your stories…

Farming and Countryside Award – Beginning at Bronze



20140610-105615.jpg In Reception’s assembly today we found out that we will be going back to the farm in two weeks to help us achieve our award. We looked at the booklets again and found the things we have not yet learned in order to achieve our Bronze award.
What do you need to do next?


Non-fiction library

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Pirate show


image What were you writing boys?

Some of the children in Reception decided to do a pirate show. We made tickets, wrote cast lists and a big sign so everyone knew where to come for the show.image
What would you do on the stage?

A bed for Stick Man

After finding Stick Man in the tree house, Kyle wanted to make him a home. We made him a stick house and found a soft leaf for his bed. What else could we make for stick man and what materials will we need? Write your ideas as a comment on this post.


Word woods

This week we found a word woods in our outdoor learning area. There were some of our tricky words in there and some new, descriptive words. We read these words and matched them to the different settings we found outside too. We then thought of our own descriptive words and next week we will use these when planning a story. image




Challenge Time in the mud kitchen (child initiate learning)

We are being the 3 bears from Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. We are learning about capacity, using story language and acting out a familiar story whilst we play! image