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How does your garden grow?




What can you see growing?

Heavy work



We searched for big logs and stones. We tried to drag a big stone back using string but it was too heavy. Does anyone have any ideas about how we can get them to our mud kitchen?

Sports day practise

20140624-094605.jpg We practised getting into our house groups quickly with Class 1.



20140624-094749.jpg We learned how to do a good starting position in a race and how to be supportive team members when we are not racing.

Baking bread


20140624-095044.jpg In order to achieve our bronze level Farming and Countryside Award we need to learn about wheat. This week we have looked at wheat and learned about it’s role in making bread. We have read the story of The Little Red Hen and made our own bread. We all had a small taste before sports day practice to give us some more energy!

Carrot cake

Some of us helped to make the carrot cakes at the farm. There wasn’t enough room for them all in the cooker so Derek too some of them to the farm house to cook in his aga.


20140624-093726.jpg Here they are, freshly cooked! As we were so full from all the vegetable soup we took them back to school to eat when we got off the bus.



20140624-093857.jpg Some of us were shocked that carrots can taste so good but most of us love carrots raw, cooked and in cake!

Ready, steady, cook!

At the farm we decided to make some vegetable soup and carrot cakes, using our healthy ingredients. We learned lots of new skills and made sure we kept safe when using knives and hot water.

20140624-092537.jpg here is Ryan using the bridge technique to keep his fingers safe whilst cutting potatoes.

20140624-092633.jpg Here Jack is keeping safe by peeling away from himself.

20140624-092941.jpg we kept safe at the cooker by listening very careful to the adults and only entering the kitchen area with an adult (or two!).



20140624-093140.jpg Harrison thought the soup was delicious and came back for seconds!




Healthy ingredients

Using carrots and potatoes grown in our garden (and a few extras from the shops!), what do you think we could make with these ingredients?