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This blog is no longer being updated

Feel free to search and read the work on this blog, but it is no longer being updated. Please visit Class 2’s brand new 2014-5 blog at

Ready, steady, cook!

At the farm we decided to make some vegetable soup and carrot cakes, using our healthy ingredients. We learned lots of new skills and made sure we kept safe when using knives and hot water.

20140624-092537.jpg here is Ryan using the bridge technique to keep his fingers safe whilst cutting potatoes.

20140624-092633.jpg Here Jack is keeping safe by peeling away from himself.

20140624-092941.jpg we kept safe at the cooker by listening very careful to the adults and only entering the kitchen area with an adult (or two!).



20140624-093140.jpg Harrison thought the soup was delicious and came back for seconds!




Sharing time


20140610-111320.jpg Jack has been very busy planting at home in his own little garden, like we have been in school. He brought in photographs and talked to us about his carrots and edible flowers.
Jack and his family went to the RAF Cosford air show at the weekend. They saw lots of exciting things including a Sea King Helicopter, RAF pipes and drums (Jack says they make a very strange noise) and a parachute display. What an exciting weekend Jack, thank you for sharing with us. We now know lots about the RAF that we didn’t know before.



Farming and Countryside Award – Beginning at Bronze



20140610-105615.jpg In Reception’s assembly today we found out that we will be going back to the farm in two weeks to help us achieve our award. We looked at the booklets again and found the things we have not yet learned in order to achieve our Bronze award.
What do you need to do next?

What’s been growing?



20140513-164732.jpg What can you see growing in our growing patch?

Kandinski display

We have used different sized circles to draw around to help us create our own Kadinski pictures. Some of us used Sketchbook on the iPad to draw ours.





Our new artist is Kadinski. Kadinski is famous for abstract paintings. Can you find out what ‘abstract’ means? Write your answer as a comment below.