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We are learning to count a set

20131009-110044.jpg We made food for the Gruffalo and counted it carefully to put in the numbered bags.

20131009-110255.jpg We also had a go at fishing out the ducks. We then counted them carefully to see if we had the same as our partner or if we had more or less.

20131009-110414.jpg We did the same with the beads in our one minute challenge and some of us counted 1 more.

20131009-110543.jpg We counted sets of natural objects using the nature cards. We collected leaves, stones, sticks and shells.

20131009-110641.jpg The Gruffalo left us some conkers and a challenge. We had to see how many we could grab in two hands then count them carfnlly. We compared amounts with our friends to see if we had the same. Some of us then had a go at seeing what happened when we added one more.