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Who lives in a place like this?

This week we have been learning about what a setting in a story is. We found clues in each setting and describing words in the word woods to match to each setting.
A warm, tidy, beautiful house in the woods. A pretty bed and beautiful dresses… Who do you think lives in a house like this?image

A cold, wooden home. We found 1 big plate, 1 medium sized plate and 1 tiny plate. We also found a huge chair, a large chair and a small chair. Who do you think lives in a place like this?image

Dark, gloomy, overgrown and creepy. We crept through the word woods wondering who we might meet. Who do you think lives in a place like this? image


Labels, labels every where!

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We have been learning to write a label all week. We now know that labels tell us what something is. We also know now that when writing a label we need to hear the first sound and do good sounding … Continue reading


Alien text

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Today we found out that a alien had been to school to visit. They were confused about some squiggles they’d seen around Oakengates. We discovered they were talking about text! The aliens left us some slime so we could have … Continue reading