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We are story tellers.





20140624-095823.jpg We made story maps using pictures from You Choose. We love this book as it helps us to use our imagination to make up our own stories.
Can you use one of these story maps to make up your own story? You can either be an author and write your own story or you can be a story teller and tell someone else your story using different voices for different characters. I would love to see and hear some of your stories…

Word woods

This week we found a word woods in our outdoor learning area. There were some of our tricky words in there and some new, descriptive words. We read these words and matched them to the different settings we found outside too. We then thought of our own descriptive words and next week we will use these when planning a story. image




Who lives in a place like this?

This week we have been learning about what a setting in a story is. We found clues in each setting and describing words in the word woods to match to each setting.
A warm, tidy, beautiful house in the woods. A pretty bed and beautiful dresses… Who do you think lives in a house like this?image

A cold, wooden home. We found 1 big plate, 1 medium sized plate and 1 tiny plate. We also found a huge chair, a large chair and a small chair. Who do you think lives in a place like this?image

Dark, gloomy, overgrown and creepy. We crept through the word woods wondering who we might meet. Who do you think lives in a place like this? image