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Farming Friday!







Today we continued to work towards the Bronze level of our Farming and Countryside award. We looked at lots of different seeds and talked about differences and similarities. We can now identify a sunflower and a broad bean seed. We all went on a leaf hunt. We discovered that there are lots of different trees in our school environment and used a leaf identification chart to help us find out what they are called. We have been learning about the properties of shapes in maths this week so this new vocabulary has really helped us talk about the shapes of the leaves and seeds. We all planted our own sunflower seed and learned about what they need to grow. We looked at different fruit and vegetables and learned about how to categorise them.
We are well on our way to achieve the Bronze award by the end of the year. Which level of the award are you working towards?

Building with 3D shapes

We have had a go at being like the builders and building our own shelter. We used 3D shapes and thought about the properties needed to stack the blocks. In our 1 minute challenge we had to see how many blocks we could stack in 1 minute.






It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Today it rained, all day! Here at Wombridge Reception we don’t let a little thing like rain stop us, we get out there and use it to help us learn!

The boys thought of different ways they could stop the rain from ‘getting’ them (without the help of a hood or umbrella, of course!) they also collected rain so they could make their own puddles.

20130921-155454.jpg If you look at the floor carefully you might be able to see a rainbow puddle. Do you know how to make a rainbow puddle?

20130921-155732.jpg we also watched the rain go through the drain pipe and onto the floor. I wonder what would happen if we tilted the drain pipe a little?