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We are story tellers.





20140624-095823.jpg We made story maps using pictures from You Choose. We love this book as it helps us to use our imagination to make up our own stories.
Can you use one of these story maps to make up your own story? You can either be an author and write your own story or you can be a story teller and tell someone else your story using different voices for different characters. I would love to see and hear some of your stories…

Tree House Homework




This is our tree house. We found a giant birds nest with some seeds in. We are going to find out how we can feed the birds using these seeds.
Can you think of how we can do this? We will need instructions.

Scutari Hospital in our barn!

RSM Thomas has been learning about the conditions injured soldiers wherein during thy Crimean war a long long time ago. He read about a lady called Florence Nigtingale a asked us to find out all we could using non-fiction sources. To help us understand what Florence and her nurses had to do when they got to the hospital in Scutari, we created an old hospital in our barn outside. We had to clean it up just like the nurses (we were glad there was no mouldy food or maggots!)


20131121-174600.jpg How are hospitals today different to the Scutari Hospital? Why don’t you write your WINK (What I Now Know) as a comment below?




Pirate adventure

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During challenge time today Harrison wanted to become a pirate. We used the iPad to find out what a pirate needs the Harrison and Finley got to work on their eye patch. Harrison used the ‘stab and wiggle’ technique to … Continue reading