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Look what the fairytale characters left in our school.

After looking at everyone’s costumes and projects we had a letter delivered from the king! He told us that last night there was a fairytale ball in our outdoor area and some of the guests had left some of their possessions behind. We had to find them and try to work out who they belong to.
Who do you think they belong to? Write your comments below.

20140501-133142.jpg A beautiful shoe.

20140501-133214.jpg some long, long hair.


20140501-133254.jpg some magic beans!

Fairytale day!

Wow, lots of great costumes and projects today! I can’t wait to learn alba out fairy tales by looking at these projects that the children have been busy making over the Easter holiday. First thing is first…we need to find out what makes a fairytale character? How are they different to other characters?